The Most Popular Animals Online in the Gallery of Funny Animals

The Most Popular Animals Online in the Gallery of Funny AnimalsEveryone loves animals. People spend their time online to search for the animals. They want to find some information or facts about the animals that they love. Below, in this gallery of funny animals, there are the most popular species being searched online along with their fun facts that you can share with your friends and family. Check these out!

– Dog
Known as the man’s best friend, dog is the number one animal which is being searched online. Although there are only around 17% to 24% of the species belongs to the domesticated pets, the population of global dog has been estimated to reach more than one billion. Therefore, this number also shows why this species has ranked number one animal searched online.

– Cat
The second spot of the most searched animals online is cat. It is undeniable that cat is the most popular pet in the world. This species is also well known as the great companion for human. Besides, its ability to see in the darkness has made this pet the great hunter.

The Most Popular Animals Online in the Gallery of Funny Animals

– Horse
Most of horse species are being domesticated. While the wild horse although being undomesticated, their ancestors were actually being domesticated by people. However, they managed to escape and then live in the wild. The one and only wild horse is the Przewalski’s horse. It is a rare yet endangered horse which is being reintroduced to the grasslands of the Mongolian.

– Chicken
Chickens are also the animals being mostly searched online. This species is widely raised for both eggs and meat. Their numbers are beyond any other bird species all over the world. It is estimated that there are more than 24 billion chickens in the world nowadays.

– Fish
This animal is believed to have more than 32,000 different species. This number is more than those of other vertebrate animals. Judging by the size, this species is also ranged from 8 mm stout infant fish up to 16 m long whale shark.

The Most Popular Animals Online in the Gallery of Funny Animal

– Bear
This animal is considered to be the most solitary animal when courting or being with young. There are eight different species of bear in the world where six of them are omnivorous. Out of these six species, the Panda bear basically eats bamboo. On the other hand, the polar bear generally enjoys meat all the time.

These are six animals which are mostly being searched online as listed in this gallery of funny animals. You may find more information about these at judi bola if you try to search them online.


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The Most Unique Animals in the World listed in Gallery of Funny Animals

The Most Unique Animals in the World listed in Gallery of Funny AnimalsThis universe is also full of unique animals that you probably haven’t known about them yet. You may also never hear about them before. So, to get you updated on the animals living in this planet, this gallery of funny animals will show you which animals belong to the most unique animals in the world. Check this out!

– Japanese Spider Crab
This unique animal, as its name suggests, lives in the water inhabitants around Japan. This crab is considered to be a delicacy all over Japan. However, it is very difficult to catch. The Japanese Spider Crab is able to grow up to 12 feet long measured from claw to claw. If being compared to other similar species, that is, crustaceans, there is only one species which is able to beat the Japanese Spider Crab weight – the American lobster.

Fossa– Fossa
This animal is considered to be a carnivorous species. You can find Fossa in Madagascar. Although it shares most traits with cats, this species is much closer to the Mongoose. You can only spot this unique animal inside the forest habitats. Fossa tends to hunt its prey both daytime and nighttime. It consumes almost 50 percent lemurs as its daily diet.

The Maned Wolf– The Maned Wolf
This animal can be easily found wondering around the grasslands of Brazil especially the southwestern, central-west, and south parts. Despite the name and the appearance of this animal, it doesn’t belong to foxes or wolves. It is actually much closer to the species of dog. The maned wolf generally loves to hunt alone. Its main diet is both plants and meat.

From this gallery of agen sbobet, you can see why these three creatures belong to the most unique animals in the world. The special features of their appearance what makes them entitled for the name. Isn’t it fascinating?

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5 Most Dangerous Animals in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Sometimes, to distinguish the animals between the pure destruction and furry cuteness is not easy. Why? Because most animals belonging to the animal kingdom which are considered to be cute and adorable, in fact, turn to be the most deadly animals. So, it is better to know which animals belong to the most dangerous animals in the world from this gallery of funny animals. .

Blue Ringed Octopus– Blue Ringed Octopus
This species is just as the size of the golf ball. Don’t let its small figure fool you completely! Blue Ringed Octopus is very venomous as its venom is able to kill around 26 grown adults. The venom is unfortunately without an antidote. After being bitten, people will soon become fully paralyzed and are not able to breathe.
Hippopotamus– Hippopotamus
This species is mostly herbivorous, but they have been considered to be highly aggressive and entitled to become one of the most deadly animals in Africa. This species is also not afraid to attack human without any aggravation although just to the point of demolishing the whole vehicles.
Saltwater Crocodile– Saltwater Crocodile
This dangerous animal has been famous for its capability to eat other animals starting from water buffalo up to shark. This animal uses the technique, “death roll”, to kill its food. The dead roll is such a dangerous technique where it keeps on flipping its prey relentlessly over and over inside the water until the prey is drowned and came apart.
African Elephant– African Elephant
This world’s largest animal on land can become fiercely aggressive. The aggressive behavior of this elephant can result to the death of one or two rhinoceros. Judging from the animal’s behavior, it has the tendency to display such bouts of rage. It also has the capability to get involved in the activities interpreted as razing, vindictive whole villages during the process.

Mosquito– Mosquito
It seems that the most dangerous animal in the world is mosquito. Although this species is considered as a small animal, it is in fact the deadliest one. From the research, it has been found that this species has transmitted diseases to more than 700 million people in the world every year and resulted to the death of two to three million people each year.

Do you think those animals adorable? Do you dare to touch them? If you happen to meet the animals in this poker online gallery of funny animals, it is better for you to run away from them for your own sake.

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Gallery Of Funny Animals With The Friendliest Animals in The Planet

Gallery of Funny Animals with the Friendliest Animals in the PlanetAnimals have been labeled with several titles like scary, wild, cruel or fierce. But, even if they are portrayed with such images, there are some animals that also friendly to humans. Some animals are known as the cold-eyed killers, while other animals are famous for their kindness and cheerfulness. Here, in the gallery of funny animals, you will see the friendliest animals in the world.

Gallery of Funny Animals with the Friendliest Animals in the Planet

– Dog
This species is known as the man’s best friend. As one of the common domestic animals in the planet, dog has earned its title for being friendly to humans. It is believed that this animal capable of understanding the human sentiments and emotions better than any other animals. Therefore, dog is also considered to be the most friendly and faithful to humans. This species is also trainable, trustworthy and lovable. Such dogs like Beagles, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, are some of the best dogs for families and kids. Besides being the friendliest animal in the world, dog is also the biggest breeds.

Animals with the Friendliest Animals in the Planet– Capybara
Despite the big size of the body, Capybara is known as the friendliest animal in the world. This animal belongs to the Hydrochaeridae family. It is generally an amazing rodent and considered as the largest in the world. You can find Capybara in South and Central America. It is able to grow up to 2 feet tall and weigh until 65kg. It always requires water to supplement its dry skin. Capybara is generally herbivorous as it enjoys eating grass for its diet. This species is also an excellent swimmer. To make it more lovable, this brown-haired species is massively trainable and sociable which makes it such a dear friend to humans.

Do you know other animals which are also friendly to humans? You can add to the list of the friendliest animals in this bandar bola gallery.

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The Endangered Species in the World spotted in the Gallery of Funny Animals

The animals under the category of the endangered species in the world as seen in this gallery of funny animals are soon to be extinct from the planet. The decreasing numbers of the species may also influence the existence of the animals. The main reason why their number is getting smaller and smaller each day is due to the destruction of their inhabitants.

Hainan Gibbon– Hainan Gibbon
From the recent research, it is estimated that there are only 23 Hainan Gibbons living on earth now. This animal is also considered to be one of the rarest animals in the world. You can find this Hainan Gibbon in the South China Sea. Gibbon species is the small apes that you can find throughout the Southeast Asia. Sometimes they using this pets for gambling on judi online site in asian some country. They generally live in the forests and capable of swinging their body from one three to another tree with such fast speed. The decreasing number of Hainan Gibbons is also influenced by the vast expand of human population who hunts them for medicine or food or illegal animal trade as well as the deforestations.

Durrell’s Vontsira– Durrell’s Vontsira
This species is also known as Salanoia Durrelli. It is a mammal with the closest relative of the brown-tailed vontsira. Both of them belong to a small group of animals called Malagasy carnivores. Sadly, this animal lives at the dangerous area of Madagascar in the Lake of Alaotra. The massive agricultural expansion is one thing which endangers the population of Lake of Alaotra. This Durrell’s Vontsira may become one of the most endangered carnivores in the planet due to its small population size.

Gooty Tarantula– Gooty Tarantula
This species is also well known as Metallic Tarantula. This animal can be found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. The population of Gooty Tarantula is decreasing each year due to the firewood collection, civil unrest, and deforestation. These actions also make the habitat of this species being disappeared. Even though most people don’t like spiders, this blue metallic spider has been able to captivate people’s attention with its outstanding appearance.

Ploughshare Tortoise – Ploughshare Tortoise
This species is also known as Angonoka. Based on the recent research, the number of this rare tortoise is about 440 up to 770 all over the world. The habitat of this animal is in the region of Baly Bay particularly in Madagascar. The main reason why the number of Ploughshare Tortoise keeps on decreasing each time is due to the animal trade which is prohibited and illegal.

The rarest animals listed in this gallery of funny animals need to be protected in order for them to keep on existing in this world. It is our job to protect them!

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Gallery of Funny Animals – The Rarest Animals in the World

If you haven’t known yet, nowadays the numbers of animals are starting to be at risk of extinction. Some reasons for this problem to exist are the habitat as well as the environment changes. There will be soon enough as the future generation is no longer able to witness such animals as we see now. Here are several animals in the gallery of funny animals which come to their extinction.

Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat– Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat
The species of Northern hairy nosed wombat can be seen in Queensland, Australia, particularly in Epping Forest National Park. This animal is considered as one of the world’s rarest animals. At the moment, the population number of northern hairy nosed wombat is about 115 species. The vision of this animal is quite poor; therefore, they have their nose as their survival sense especially when looking for food at night or darkness.
Angel Shark– Angel Shark
This species is also known as Squatina Squatina. They can be found in the Northern Atlantic Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Seas. The main reason for this species comes to the extinction is due to the commercial fishing. Nowadays, there is only a small number of Angel Shark seen swimming around the Southern Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. To survive, Angel Shark hides its body under the sea sand while waiting for the small fish school swimming close by. This species likes to eat small fish. About this animals, you also can find out at agen bola terpercaya for more information.

Red Crested Tree Rat– Red Crested Tree Rat
This species can be seen in Colombia. Its first appearance was in 1898 according to El Dorado Nature Reserve. After 1898, this endangered species was spotted and being studied in 2011 by the reserve researchers. The size of its body is around 18 inches, or similar to the guinea pig body size. It is believed that red crested tree rat is closed to their disappearance from the world as their habitat started to be destroyed.
Pygmy Three Toed Sloth– Pygmy Three Toed Sloth
This species can be sighted in Panama coast, a small island called Isla Escudo de Veraguas. Based on the research done in 2011, there are around 79 of pygmy three toed sloth spotted at the area which are still living and found. Soon, if this species is not being protected and preserved, they will also be going disappear from this world.

These are several endangered species in the world which needs to be protected. From this gallery of funny animals, you can also see that these species are also cute and adorable. You don’t want to lose them, do you?

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The Best Animals in the World listed in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Among the animals living in this world, there are several of them which have been able to become the best animals online chosen by people. They are chosen due to their unique and special characters that they have which are able to captivate people’s attention. Here, in this gallery of funny animals, we have the chance to see what animals belong to the best species in the world.

Stick Bug– Stick Bug
This walking stick bug belongs to the Phasmida family whose appearance looks like stick with antenna and legs, or even the twigs attached to the small branches. This species has been reaching more than 3,000 species spreading all over the world in diverse climates. They basically live in the woodlands and tropical forests throughout the world, so it is obvious that you won’t find any of them in Antarctica continent. This walking stick bug has evolved to be just like an original branch or twig. This insect tends to be in blue, gray, black or green shade as their camouflage from the predators.

New Monkey– New Monkey
The second best animal in the world is New Monkey. This new species of the monkey family is soon gaining itself a new reputation of the best monkey due to its face expression which shows deep emotion often shown by the sad ones who undergo deep depression. Luckily, the species of New Monkey are all happy and far of being depressed. They enjoy their lives by eating bananas and go after other monkeys.


– Toucan
This species can be found in the rainforests of the Caribbean, the Central America and the South America. Toucan is the medium-sized bird. There has been more than 40 diverse species which inhabits the South American forests nowadays. This species is well known for its large yet colorful beak. The size of the Toucan beak is somehow around half of its body length. The main function of the beak is for the defence, feeding, and mating purposes. The colorful body of Toucan also becomes great camouflage inside the bright rainforest canopy. This species is often captured and then sold in the bird market as the most exotic pet in the world.

These are three best animals in the world that you can find in the agen bola. However, there are still many best animals which are able to captivate your interests. You need to stay tuned and wait for other animals which blow your mind with their beauty.

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The Most Expensive Animals in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Animals are also being known as being extremely expensive due to their value. The high price of certain animals has been rooted since the beginning of the animal trading to be exchanged by other commodities or money. In this gallery of funny animals, you will find some animals listed as the most expensive species in the world.

Sir Lancelot Encore

– Sir Lancelot Encore
This dog is the cloned version of Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot was the deceased dog owned by Edgar and Nina Otto which was diagnosed and died from cancer. Due to their love to the dog, Edgar and Nina Otto spent huge amount of money to have their dog cloned. The cloning was conducted in 2008. The price of the cloned dog, Sir Lancelot Encore is $155,000.

Tibetan Mastiff

– Tibetan Mastiff
Yes, Tibetan mastiff is the most expensive and attractive dog in the world. The price of Tibetan Mastiff is around $582,000. The reason for its high price is because this species is one of the largest dog breeds in the whole world. They are considered to be rare and have different colors like brown, pure white, gray, red, and black. One thing which makes this dog stand out is that it doesn’t carry any unpleasant smell like the common dogs. Moreover, Tibetan Mastiff is the best home protector as well as a great pet.


– Missy Cow
The second most expensive animal belongs to Missy. Its selling price reaches $1,200,000. This species is a cow which costs more than million dollars. Missy is the most expensive cow breed in the world. The price is based on its ability especially its speed which can makes Missy win numerous competitions. If the Green Monkey is considered to be rare in its species, Missy has made its own standard in the farming industry due to its high quality breed.

Green Monkey

– Green Monkey
The selling price of this animal is $16,000,000. Don’t be mistaken! The green monkey doesn’t belong to the monkey family. It is the name of the most expensive horse in the world. If you happen to have one of them, you will definitely be rich. Green monkey becomes the most expensive and exceptionally rare horse due to its beauty and speed. This species of horse is frequently used for the horse race and has proven to be the winner for many competitions.

These are some of the most expensive animals in this gallery of funny animals. Do you want to buy one of those animals as your pet?