5 Most Dangerous Animals in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Sometimes, to distinguish the animals between the pure destruction and furry cuteness is not easy. Why? Because most animals belonging to the animal kingdom which are considered to be cute and adorable, in fact, turn to be the most deadly animals. So, it is better to know which animals belong to the most dangerous animals in the world from this gallery of funny animals. .

Blue Ringed Octopus– Blue Ringed Octopus
This species is just as the size of the golf ball. Don’t let its small figure fool you completely! Blue Ringed Octopus is very venomous as its venom is able to kill around 26 grown adults. The venom is unfortunately without an antidote. After being bitten, people will soon become fully paralyzed and are not able to breathe.
Hippopotamus– Hippopotamus
This species is mostly herbivorous, but they have been considered to be highly aggressive and entitled to become one of the most deadly animals in Africa. This species is also not afraid to attack human without any aggravation although just to the point of demolishing the whole vehicles.
Saltwater Crocodile– Saltwater Crocodile
This dangerous animal has been famous for its capability to eat other animals starting from water buffalo up to shark. This animal uses the technique, “death roll”, to kill its food. The dead roll is such a dangerous technique where it keeps on flipping its prey relentlessly over and over inside the water until the prey is drowned and came apart.
African Elephant– African Elephant
This world’s largest animal on land can become fiercely aggressive. The aggressive behavior of this elephant can result to the death of one or two rhinoceros. Judging from the animal’s behavior, it has the tendency to display such bouts of rage. It also has the capability to get involved in the activities interpreted as razing, vindictive whole villages during the process.

Mosquito– Mosquito
It seems that the most dangerous animal in the world is mosquito. Although this species is considered as a small animal, it is in fact the deadliest one. From the research, it has been found that this species has transmitted diseases to more than 700 million people in the world every year and resulted to the death of two to three million people each year.

Do you think those animals adorable? Do you dare to touch them? If you happen to meet the animals in this poker online gallery of funny animals, it is better for you to run away from them for your own sake.

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