The Best Animals in the World listed in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Among the animals living in this world, there are several of them which have been able to become the best animals online chosen by people. They are chosen due to their unique and special characters that they have which are able to captivate people’s attention. Here, in this gallery of funny animals, we have the chance to see what animals belong to the best species in the world.

Stick Bug– Stick Bug
This walking stick bug belongs to the Phasmida family whose appearance looks like stick with antenna and legs, or even the twigs attached to the small branches. This species has been reaching more than 3,000 species spreading all over the world in diverse climates. They basically live in the woodlands and tropical forests throughout the world, so it is obvious that you won’t find any of them in Antarctica continent. This walking stick bug has evolved to be just like an original branch or twig. This insect tends to be in blue, gray, black or green shade as their camouflage from the predators.

New Monkey– New Monkey
The second best animal in the world is New Monkey. This new species of the monkey family is soon gaining itself a new reputation of the best monkey due to its face expression which shows deep emotion often shown by the sad ones who undergo deep depression. Luckily, the species of New Monkey are all happy and far of being depressed. They enjoy their lives by eating bananas and go after other monkeys.


– Toucan
This species can be found in the rainforests of the Caribbean, the Central America and the South America. Toucan is the medium-sized bird. There has been more than 40 diverse species which inhabits the South American forests nowadays. This species is well known for its large yet colorful beak. The size of the Toucan beak is somehow around half of its body length. The main function of the beak is for the defence, feeding, and mating purposes. The colorful body of Toucan also becomes great camouflage inside the bright rainforest canopy. This species is often captured and then sold in the bird market as the most exotic pet in the world.

These are three best animals in the world that you can find in the agen bola. However, there are still many best animals which are able to captivate your interests. You need to stay tuned and wait for other animals which blow your mind with their beauty.

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