The Endangered Species in the World spotted in the Gallery of Funny Animals

The animals under the category of the endangered species in the world as seen in this gallery of funny animals are soon to be extinct from the planet. The decreasing numbers of the species may also influence the existence of the animals. The main reason why their number is getting smaller and smaller each day is due to the destruction of their inhabitants.

Hainan Gibbon– Hainan Gibbon
From the recent research, it is estimated that there are only 23 Hainan Gibbons living on earth now. This animal is also considered to be one of the rarest animals in the world. You can find this Hainan Gibbon in the South China Sea. Gibbon species is the small apes that you can find throughout the Southeast Asia. Sometimes they using this pets for gambling on judi online site in asian some country. They generally live in the forests and capable of swinging their body from one three to another tree with such fast speed. The decreasing number of Hainan Gibbons is also influenced by the vast expand of human population who hunts them for medicine or food or illegal animal trade as well as the deforestations.

Durrell’s Vontsira– Durrell’s Vontsira
This species is also known as Salanoia Durrelli. It is a mammal with the closest relative of the brown-tailed vontsira. Both of them belong to a small group of animals called Malagasy carnivores. Sadly, this animal lives at the dangerous area of Madagascar in the Lake of Alaotra. The massive agricultural expansion is one thing which endangers the population of Lake of Alaotra. This Durrell’s Vontsira may become one of the most endangered carnivores in the planet due to its small population size.

Gooty Tarantula– Gooty Tarantula
This species is also well known as Metallic Tarantula. This animal can be found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. The population of Gooty Tarantula is decreasing each year due to the firewood collection, civil unrest, and deforestation. These actions also make the habitat of this species being disappeared. Even though most people don’t like spiders, this blue metallic spider has been able to captivate people’s attention with its outstanding appearance.

Ploughshare Tortoise – Ploughshare Tortoise
This species is also known as Angonoka. Based on the recent research, the number of this rare tortoise is about 440 up to 770 all over the world. The habitat of this animal is in the region of Baly Bay particularly in Madagascar. The main reason why the number of Ploughshare Tortoise keeps on decreasing each time is due to the animal trade which is prohibited and illegal.

The rarest animals listed in this gallery of funny animals need to be protected in order for them to keep on existing in this world. It is our job to protect them!

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