The Most Expensive Animals in the Gallery of Funny Animals

Animals are also being known as being extremely expensive due to their value. The high price of certain animals has been rooted since the beginning of the animal trading to be exchanged by other commodities or money. In this gallery of funny animals, you will find some animals listed as the most expensive species in the world.

Sir Lancelot Encore

– Sir Lancelot Encore
This dog is the cloned version of Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot was the deceased dog owned by Edgar and Nina Otto which was diagnosed and died from cancer. Due to their love to the dog, Edgar and Nina Otto spent huge amount of money to have their dog cloned. The cloning was conducted in 2008. The price of the cloned dog, Sir Lancelot Encore is $155,000.

Tibetan Mastiff

– Tibetan Mastiff
Yes, Tibetan mastiff is the most expensive and attractive dog in the world. The price of Tibetan Mastiff is around $582,000. The reason for its high price is because this species is one of the largest dog breeds in the whole world. They are considered to be rare and have different colors like brown, pure white, gray, red, and black. One thing which makes this dog stand out is that it doesn’t carry any unpleasant smell like the common dogs. Moreover, Tibetan Mastiff is the best home protector as well as a great pet.


– Missy Cow
The second most expensive animal belongs to Missy. Its selling price reaches $1,200,000. This species is a cow which costs more than million dollars. Missy is the most expensive cow breed in the world. The price is based on its ability especially its speed which can makes Missy win numerous competitions. If the Green Monkey is considered to be rare in its species, Missy has made its own standard in the farming industry due to its high quality breed.

Green Monkey

– Green Monkey
The selling price of this animal is $16,000,000. Don’t be mistaken! The green monkey doesn’t belong to the monkey family. It is the name of the most expensive horse in the world. If you happen to have one of them, you will definitely be rich. Green monkey becomes the most expensive and exceptionally rare horse due to its beauty and speed. This species of horse is frequently used for the horse race and has proven to be the winner for many competitions.

These are some of the most expensive animals in this gallery of funny animals. Do you want to buy one of those animals as your pet?

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